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Vegan Wines- What Is It and Where to Find Them?

Veganism is a difficult and a lifestyle that requires a lot of commitment and research. Most foods are something that has to be researched, as many ingredients come from byproducts made from animals.

Vegans are known for their diet of strictly plants, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Any meat or animal-derived products are out of the questions. Vegans will not eat eggs milk, or anything containing the fat from an animal.

Because of their strict diet, it becomes a bit difficult to make sure that all foods are actually okay to eat. While reading ingredients is important, sometimes the process in which the food or drink may be made can be considered non-vegan. This is important because there could be leftover bits in the food, causing the vegan person to consume something non-vegan.

Most people do not have to think twice about what exactly each and every ingredient in a product contains. There are certain things that we can just assume are vegan; like wine. Wine is a globally loved alcoholic beverage. We can assume that wine is made from fermented grapes and therefore vegan, right?

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Why Is Wine Not Considered Vegan?

In order to make wines that crisp clear consistency preferred by most, it needs to go through a process called “fining”. Fining can also help to make sure the taste is improved, and can even affect the texture of the drink.

Some of the agents used to go through this process are made with elements derived from animals. The elements contain milk, egg whites, gelatin (also known as proteins from animals), and fish bladder proteins. These ingredients are clearly not in any way vegan.

Although this process is just used to for the preparation of the wine and is then filtered out, there could be fragments that are left inside the drink. Some wines will be made this way, some will be made without the usual ingredients of fining, using other elements as a substitute.

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Are Wines Labeled as Vegan or Non-Vegan?

Most people would not even know about there being wines that are not vegan. Oftentimes, reading the label will not go that much into detail about how to actual wine was made. The label will give you the ingredients, but not the smaller details in terms of what they use during their process.

You can attempt to call stores to ask them if they have any vegan wines. Or calling the actual wine company themselves, as they could give you more insight into their process. Some wine companies advertise their wines as all natural, they could have a description on their website about how they make their wines all natural.

Is It Easy to Find Vegan Wines?

Vegan wines are not particularly easy. Considering that there is not much awareness of the winemaking process and how much animal products are used in them, there probably is not much awareness of how it is made.

You can look in your local grocery stores or visit vineyards, as they may have more knowledge about the wines. While some vegan wines are not easy to find, we have the internet to thank for making it a bit easier. Organic Wine is an online store who have a great range of vegan wine to choose from.

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Are Vegan Wines More Expensive Than Regular Wines?

Making vegan wine is reportedly cheaper than regular wine because the companies do not have to actually purchase those animal byproducts. They are cutting out certain parts of the process, and therefore is much less work.

However, just because the process takes significantly less time than normal wine, that may not reflect on the price given to you at the store or online. Depending on the ingredients or even how old the wine is, it may still be expensive.

The difference is that perhaps buying normal wine and vegan wine is relatively the same. If anything, vegan wine could be cheaper if a winery decides that that is the best and fairest price to give, given that the overall process of making it does not exceed it.

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What Can You Do to Get More Selection?

If there is a bigger demand for a certain type of food, then there will be more production on that item. High demand increases the chance of more selection. The more people who request or ask about vegan wines, this could make owners of stores request to bring that type of product into their stores. If there is a demand for vegan wines, wineries may start to produce wines or label their already vegan wines as such. This could make finding wines that are vegan so much easier.

Request vegan wines to more places, you never know, it could really impact the product. The popularity of an item can make it easier to track it down. Even asking for some can help. Your favourite online wine retailer could even start carrying some if you contact them about it via instant chat or email.

Vegan or not, vegan wines may be on the rise, and hopefully we will see more labelled as such so that it can be easier and more convenient to find them. People are getting more and more conscious of the environment and what we put in our bodies. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy the more simple and “raw” ways of enjoying and drinking vegan wine.

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